About Us

I’m Joe Zeppieri and I’ve been passionate about e30 m3s my whole life. Growing up I was very interested in anything related to cars and always wanted to know about how they worked and functioned. I remember having a red e30 m3 toy car and playing with it all over the house. In fact, I gave that same toy car to my kids and now they are playing with it.

For me, the e30 m3 was my dream car growing up. Eventually, I was fortunate to own one and it has been involved in many important parts of my life. I took my wife, Stephanie, on one of our first dates in it, we got engaged in it, and now as a family we go to car events and share the passion with our kids.   

Stephanie and I founded Zeppieri Motorsport so we could offer the best restored e30 m3 to our clients. Each car is built as if we were building it for ourselves but each one is custom-made to the owner’s specific desires. Every detail about the car is important to us. We know that the difference between something good and something great is attention to details and we take pride in everything we do. 

Regardless of options and trim, each car is built to better than factory standards. I believe we offer the best high performance restored e30 m3. Additionally, we offer the opportunity to preserve these beautiful pieces of mechanical artwork, bring them up to modern day standards, and pass them onto the next generation to enjoy.