Staying true to its roots, the Classic Zeppieri E30 M3 retains much of the factory exterior styling and design. The paint is concourse level and fit and finish at the highest standards. The chassis is fully undercoated and protected from the elements for another +30years. All rubber seals and gaskets replaced, along with much of the glass


The interior retains the factory seats which are redone in fresh leather and trim to the client’s wishes. The analog gauges are retained and refurbished to keep that classic 80’s. Some additional gauges are added to give the driver more information. The stereo is upgraded to allow for handsfree technology and connectivity and an upgraded audio experience.

Engine & Drivetrain

Our Classic E30 M3 receives a 2.5-liter S14 similar to that of our Classic Sport but sightly detuned but still a significant upgrade over factory. Upgrades include custom pistons, rods, valvetrain, camshafts, cylinder porting, engine management, carbon fiber air box, custom tuned exhaust, each part is designed and installed to work side by side with other. The result is 225hp to the rear wheels (pump gas) and an intoxicating engine sound.

The transmission and differential are both rebuilt and overhauled. The differential has options for custom gearing to meet the customer’s desires. 


The suspension is fully refurbished, stripped and powder coated. We utilize coil overs, new bushings and custom rear suspension to allow for camber and tow adjustments. Our goal is a firm but comfortable ride that can be enjoyed on any road surface, not just the race track.


Our Classic receives factory reconditioned calipers and upgraded rotors and pads to help stop the vehicle with upgraded horsepower.

225 HP
At the rear wheels
175 LB
feet of torque
7800 RPMs