The Journey

Each build is different because each client is different. We work closely with each client to design and build their vehicle to their exact desires & specifications. To fully understand their desires, we meet with the client multiple times to select all the build details and specifications. This is when the client chooses to pursue the Classic Sport, the Classic, or some other customized combination of excellence.  The client is welcomed to see the progress as the work unfolds and provide feedback.  The entire restoration is fully documented and photographed in an album.

The Chassis

Each vehicle is thoroughly inspected and examined for defects, rust and flaws. The vehicle is fully disassembled and stripped. The underbody is cleaned and fresh undercoating applied.  

The body is further prepared for a concourse paint finish. Each body panel is stripped, straightened and primed. The body panels are then reinstalled and lined up and gapped properly. Any final imperfections are corrected and then painted and buffed to perfection.

The Suspension & Brakes

In all builds, the suspension and brakes components are all fully rebuilt or replaced. The subframes and suspension components are reinforced, stiffened and modified for adjustability then stripped and powdered coated. All bushings are replaced along with all other hardware, such as new wheel bearings. The brakes are either upgraded to bigger brakes or factory rebuilt depending on the client’s desires.

Engine & Drivetrain

The engine is the heart of the vehicle so no detail will be skipped or overlooked. Our two engine offerings, 225whp and 300whp, are both completely rebuilt and include all new custom internal components such as pistons, connecting rods, crankshaft, valvetrain, cam shafts and much more. Many of these components are exclusive to Zeppieri Motorsport and not shared with anyone else. The 300whp option comes with some premium upgrades to make the extra power, some of which include, higher compression pistons, more aggressive camshafts, advanced cylinder head porting and intake system, custom 4-1 headers and exhaust to name a few. We utilize the latest in modern engine management technology together with an upgraded fuel system. 

The other drivetrain components like the transmission and differential are fully rebuilt with upgraded internals that can handle the additional horsepower. Custom gearing is available as well.


Focusing on the driver and the driving experience is of the upmost importance. Whether the client desires upgraded Recaro seats or wants to retain the factory seats, we can custom tailor each interior for the client. With the option to add leather, alcantara or even carbon fiber trim the possibilities are endless. Behind the leather and carpet, we install high grade sound damping and insulation to ensure as much road noise is reduced as possible. The analog gauges are retained and refurbished to keep that classic 80’s look. Some additional gauges are added to give the driver essential vehicle information and feedback. The stereo is upgraded to allow for handsfree technology and connectivity, along with an upgraded audio listening experience.    


For the client the unveiling is probably the most exciting part of the journey. This is when they first get to see the completed car. Not only see it but drive it! We review the whole journey with the client and explain all that was done. We review some of the ins and outs of the vehicle and what to expect when driving it. The final part is seeing the client’s reaction and smile as they turn the key and hear the car come to life. They have officially become part of the Zeppieri Motorsport family. 

The difference between something good and something great is attention to detail. We believe that every detail matters.  From proper body panel alignment, using correct hardware, to the smell of a fresh interior when you first open the door, we take pride in everything we do.